Four Bays Consulting Group specializes in quantifying product business value, measuring customer success, performing market research, and creating content such as white papers, ROI / sales calculators, and business cases for both product vendors and product users.

What is our advantage? Four Bays Consulting Group offers:

  • A rare blend of business and technology expertise - a strong business background combined with deep understanding of technology
  • Experience developing quantifiable, fact-based business cases and deliverables from ambiguous data
  • Presenting deliverables in a clear and thoughtful manner
  • Customer focused and easy to work with!

For example, rather than create a white paper by simply reading product literature and interviewing several sales staff (which we can do), our preference is to interview 5-10 users of the product, create a simple ROI model of the product versus the status quo or competition, and then create a white paper utilizing the quantifiable customer experience advantage of the product.

Four Bays Consulting Group has experience working with both large and small customers, including Fortune 500 companies such Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, HP, as well as new ventures and start-ups. We have been employed by companies such as IBM, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Wipro, and HP as well as new ventures and start-ups. Sales, Marketing, Product Development, and IT are our typical client buyer organizations.

Sample project deliverables:

  • White papers quantifying the value of client products vs. competitors, including products such as servers, database appliance, and software products
  • Product value analyses delivered to more than 20 customers of one client, quantifying the value of the client's solution compared to the current state of their customers
  • Interactive calculators used by sales teams to quantify the business value of the sales solution
  • Interactive calculators developed by vendors and used by customers to quantify the business value of the vendor solution
  • Innovative business cases for new lines of business
  • Market research and competitor research to quantify potential business opportunities in areas such as cloud computing, high tech software, and services